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Reward Bonus
If your friends are not in PrabhuPay Network, you can easily invite them to be a member of this App. So, if your friend accepts the request and becomes the member of this network, you will get a reward of NRP.30 which will be credited in your PrabhuPay Wallet.

What is a bonus point?
All the cash back that you have earned will be saved under bonus. You can redeem your bonus amount after it reaches NRP 100 towards any bill payment, however you will not receive any cash back on the bonus amount that you have spend on bill payment.

What is Point option all about?
You will earn one point each after loading NRP.100 via card/internet banking/kiosk terminal. The points that you have earned can be redeemed after it reaches 250 points towards any bill payment.

Load balance
This option will allow you to load funds from your bank account directly to your wallet.

How to add my ATM card in the payment list?

  1. Click the option “Load balance” which is under move money in main dash board of this App.
  2. Click on the option called “Add/Manage card”.
  3. Click on Red Plus Button and Select the option “Rupaiya” or “SCT Card” or “VISA/Master Card” according to your card number, expiry date of the card and the type of account.
  4. Then enter the card details which includes; card number, Expiry date or the card and the type of account.
  5. Now you have successfully added your ATM card to the payment list.
  6. Verify your card by clicking the “verify” option.
  7. You need to enter the PIN of your respective card to verify it.
  8. Immediately after your card is verified your PrabhuPay wallet amount will be credited by Rs 100.
  9. Now, you can easily use your ATM card to make payment of various transaction made.

How to increase my existing PrabhuPay wallet balance?

  1. Click “load via card option” which us under move money, you will see the list of cards that you have added.
  2. Click on the card from which you want to top-up your wallet.
  3. Select the amount you need to top-up.
  4. Enter PIN of your respective card that is added and “confirm” it to proceed.
  5. After this, your transaction will be successful and your wallet will be credited by the respective amount.

How to make small value fund transfer?
The send option available in main Dashboard under Move Money option will allow customers to transfer the small value funds to other customers within PrabhuPay Network.

What is the use of “Fund Transfer” feature available in the App?
With this option, you can directly transfer your wallet amount in your bank account.

What is the use of “Chat option” feature available in this App?
This chat option will allow you to chat with your friends or relatives within PrabhuPay Network.

What is this Pay option all about?
With this Pay option, you can make payments of transactions that you have made scanning the QR code of the respective PrabhuPay merchants.

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