Frequently Asked Question

How to make account in PrabhuPAY?
  1. First of all, you will have to download the APP for either iOS or Android
  2. Click on “Register Now”.
  3. Select Country and enter Mobile Number and eMail.
  4. Click on Next Button.
  5. Enter the Activation Code you get on the Mobile Number or eMail you have provided above.
  6. Enter your password. Re-enter the same password to confirm.
  7. You are Registered in PrabhuPAY
  8. Go to the Login Page of PrabhuPAY and logged with Mobile Number or eMail; which you have provided during the registration process.

Note: While Registration, if you have chosen a country other than Nepal, you will get the activation code in the provided eMail address.

How to load fund in PrabhuPAY?
  1. Login into your PrabhuPAY Account.
  2. Click on Load Fund
  3. You can select one of the options i.e. “Mobile Banking”, “Internet Banking”, “Card” or “Connect IPS”
  4. Choose your Options
  5. Enter the Amount you want to Load and write Remarks.
  6. Click on Proceed.
  7. You will be redirected to the Login Page of the Choose Options i.e. “Mobile Banking”, “Internet Banking”, “Card” or “Connect IPS”
  8. Enter the Username and Password for “Mobile Banking”, “Internet Banking” or “Connect IPS” but Card Details for “Card”
  9. Allow the amount you want to load into PrabhuPAY.
  10. Now your fund shall get deducted from your Bank/Card Account and loaded into your PrabhuPAY account.

Note: Nepalese residing abroad can easily load funds using their Visa and/or MasterCard. Moreover, Nepalese living abroad can send money to Nepal from the network of Prabhu Money Transfer and received directly into the PrabhuPAY account through Remittance Icon available inside PrabhuPAY account.

What to do if I forget password?
  1. Click on the “Get Password?” link on the login page of the PrabhuPAY App or Web
  2. On the subsequent page, provide your registered Mobile Number or eMail Address and press RECOVER button.
  3. You will get an activation code in either Mobile or eMail address you provided above. Once you input the activation code, press VERIFY button.
  4. Enter your New Password and Confirm the same password. Press VERIFY button.
  5. Now you can login in to the PrabhuPAY Wallet using your new password.
How to pay Electricity bill?
  1. Open PrabhuPAY App
  2. Look for the Electricty Tab inside PrabhuPAY App
  3. Choose your Counter, Type Consumer ID, Type SC.No.(You will receive these information in Electricity Bill)
  4. Click on Get Details (You will receive Billing Details)
  5. Click on Pay
How to pay DishHome bill?
  1. Open PrabhuPAY App
  2. Look for the Television inside PrabhuPAY App
  3. Look for DishHome
  4. Type Customer ID or Chip OD or Cas ID (You will receive those Details from DIshHome)
  5. Click on See Payment Details
  6. Click on Pay
How to save payment?
  1. Open PrabhuPAY App
  2. Look for +Add to My Payment while doing payment via PrabhuPAY
  3. Complete the Payment Process
  4. Your Payment details shall store in PrabhuPAY (From Next time, just choose and Pay)
  5. Look for My Payment
  6. Choose th Bill You have done before
  7. Click on Pay
How to do Cooperative Deposit?
  1. Open PrabhuPAY App
  2. Look for Fund Tranfer and Coop Deposit icon inside PrabhuPAY
  3. Click on Coop Deposit
  4. Choose District, Choose Coperative Name, Type Amount
  5. Click on Get Service Charge (You will see the Charge details)
  6. Complete Receiver Details
  7. Click on Send (Your Amount shall reach to respective Cooperative, Cooperative Make Paid in Remittance System and Deposit into Your Account)