"Wallet Aba Mobile Ma"

PrabhuPAY App allows its users to simplify the payment process. With this App, the consumers can easily make payments for the goods purchased and services rendered. Quick recharge and easy payment of various utility bills makes this App more users friendly and on top of that consumers can also transfer the small value fund to the consumers within PrabhuPAY network.Time is the most valuable thing in 21st century. Every second of our life is ticking and we have so much to achieve in our Lives. So why waste time on Queues of Bill payments and Banking queues just make your all payments from One app that is “PRABHUPAY Wallet”. No need to worry about the long queue for your basic services of Household bills like (Electricity, Water, Internet, Landline, Television) payments. These can be easily paid through your Digital Wallet “PrabhuPAY”.

Not only Prabhu Pay does the basic services but also takes care of Mobile topup, data packs and recharge pin for subscription renewal.

If you ever get sick or need to travel around the world not to worry about waiting in queue and buying tickets, Prabhupay does it all. Prabhu Pay provides you services like Hospital OPD ticketing, flight and bus ticketing, Movie ticketing, Specified Event ticketing and Digital application form.

Hold on! Not only that Prabhu Pay also provides services such as Insurance Payments, Demat payments, Remittance, Bank transfer, Co-operative Deposit and Scan & Pay. You just need to load the funds in the app and enjoy any of the services mentioned above.

After using the payment services from PrabhuPAY you will get this CASH BACK OFFERS and also get amazing different PROMOTIONAL OFFERS!!

The services do not only stop there, we provide you with Online stores where 3 restaurants are listed. From there you can order food online. And also, with the Online Medical Equipment store where you can order Medical Supplies.

Now no need to carry your wallet around cause PrabhuPAY wallet is there “Wallet aba mobile ma”

Why Choose PrabhuPAY

Nothing is more reliable than the app which allows you to transfer money without any feeling of insecurity. PrabhuPAY gives you the secure policy which makes your transactions not only easy but also secure. Easy to use and trust that will never worn out.

  • Instant

    Payment is never delay from PrabhuPAY wallet. No more overdue of pending bills and transactions from PrabhuPAY. Instant Payment and instant life.

  • Hassle-free

    Longing in queues for all the payments? Not anymore, when you can do all the payments with few clicks from your home.

  • Secured

    Enjoy cashless payments with a peace of mind knowing that your personal information are secured with the utmost security.

  • Reliable

    Payments are reliable with PrabhuPAY app with just one tap away at your own convenience.

What We Offer